Saturday, August 16, 2008

Premiere pictures

Well we are still recovering from the trip up north and the premiere, but we are so excited to share photographs from the big night with everyone! Here they are (taken by Karey's dad):

Ryan and Karey with Karey's family, minus her sister, Amy, who couldn't be there.

Karey with Jason and Bonnie Fazio, two of the adorers featured in the movie.

Ryan with Sisters Elizabeth and Lois Paciello.

Karey with Father Richard Dellos, the priest at the parish where the chapel is located.

Father Dellos with Betty Frank. Betty is in charge of the perpetual adoration chapel.

Augusta Ambrose, one of the children featured in the movie.

Karey with Sean Clive, the musician who provided the music for the film, with his wife, Jennifer, and their new baby.

A portion of the packed theater before the movie began.

This was taken right as the movie ended.

Betty Frank speaking at the end.

Ryan thanking everyone for coming.

People lining up to buy DVDs after the movie. We never expected this in a million years.

One of Karey's aunts and one of her uncles, buying DVDs from her mom.

Karey's aunt actually made her sign her DVD!

Ryan and Karey with their dear friends, the Ambroses, who also happen to be some of the stars of the movie.

Thanks again to everyone who came out for the premiere! We were so incredibly touched by everything - from the turnout, to the audience's reaction to the film, to the DVD sales. Most importantly, we hope those in attendance can share the movie and its message with others - that our Lord is there for us in the Eucharist, day and night, welcoming us to spend time with Him. If one person sees this movie and begins a weekly hour of adoration, we will have suceeded!

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