Saturday, August 9, 2008

Clive and Hagan to Perform at Premiere

We have just learned that two of the performers who provided incredible music to Watch With Me, have agreed to perform for people as they arrive at MWPAI's Theatre for the premiere. 

Sean Clive and Larry Hagan will provide their incredible talents to the event which seems to become more blessed by the day. 

It is worth noting, that when Karey began this project, finding music to use was an incredible obstacle. Musicians (and rightly so) are very protective of their creative product. We couldn't just go grab some music off the Internet and throw it in the movie. That is when Karey approached Sean and Larry. We have long been fans of Sean's music and Karey worked for short time with his father-in-law. She reached out to him to see if there was a way we could purchase the use of his music for the project. Sean, not knowing anything about the movie (aside from Karey's pitch) agreed to let us use whatever we wanted no questions asked. He even sent us all of his CD's for free!! As for Larry, we were fellow parishioners at Our Lady of Lourdes in Utica and often attended the Saturday vigil mass where Larry and a few others performed the music in a folk-style fashion. Karey knew that Larry had produced some music of his own and he too agreed to take part. 

Keep in mind, that when Karey signed these two incredibly talented musicians up, the documentary was in its infinitesimal stage. We had barely started shooting any of the footage! By the time it came to incorporate the music, Karey had no idea what to expect. In another clear example of how God's hand has guided us through this adventure, the music not only provided a perfect backdrop for the piece, in a few instances, it even provided Karey guideposts as to the direction she wanted the story line to go in. It was clear that this music belonged in this movie.

Now, here is where I make the pitch. Much like our little production company, Larry and Sean are just faithful Catholics who perform their music for God's glory. However, their music is exceptional and it is for sale. Go to their web sites and check out their tunes and buy a few copies. (Christmas is not too far away and Sean has an incredible Holiday C-D!!) 

The premiere is now just a few days away!!


ps- Here is a link to the Observer-Dispatch Story on the premiere. 

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