Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Watch With Me Debuts on CatholicTV

We are very excited because Watch With Me is on the verge of being introduced to its largest audience yet. After months of prayer and work to expose the movie to different audiences, we were approached by the network CatholicTV. 

CatholicTV is a growing religious network based in Boston, MA. CatholicTV is seen on cable systems throughout New England as well as Michigan, Ohio, California and Louisiana. It is also available on demand through Verizon FiOS and across the country via SkyAngel IPTV. 

Karey was also featured as a guest on the network's popular interview program "This Is the Day." Her interview will be rebroadcast on television and will soon be available on the internet as well. We will let you know when it's posted. 

Here is a schedule of when you can catch Watch With Me on CatholicTV and when you can see Karey on "This is the Day". 

Watch With Me on CatholicTV
Tues.: 8 p.m. - This Is The Day (Interview with Karey)

Wed.: 4 p.m. - Watch With Me, 6 p.m. - This Is The Day (rebroadcast)  

Thurs.: 12:30, 11 a.m. - This Is The Day (rebroadcast)  7 a.m. - Watch With Me

Fri: 9:30 p.m. - Watch With Me

Sat.: 11:30 a.m. - Watch With Me

Sun.: 2:30 a.m. - Watch With Me

And don't forget that you can purchase your very own copy of Watch With Me by clicking on the button below: